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Hosted Solutions


Cloud, co-location or hybrid - we've got it covered.

Why bother with complicated, expensive in-house systems when today’s hosted solutions are so affordable, easy to use, cost-effective, flexible, professional, safe, secure and efficient? Here’s the detail behind a collection of essential hosted solutions.

A wide range of technologies fall under the umbrella term of “hosting”. What they all have in common is that some part of your IT infrastructure is placed in a remote geographical location, accessible via the Internet.

At first this can sound like a risky or bad idea – you may not be in full control, and you may be more dependent on having fast access to the Internet. But there are all sorts of benefits, like options for costing models, better security, remote access, scalability, and performance.

“Co-location” is generally used to cover hosted hardware or virtual computers, but also hosted web sites that are running on them. You can often find these services under “Data Centre” as well.

“Hybrid” is a combination of traditional onsite infrastructure with some hosting, the idea is you get the best of both worlds.

Hosted Backup

You don’t want to lose so much as a tiny fraction of the business critical data you store on a regular basis. That way disaster lies. But backing everything up the traditional way, using old-school external hard drives and tapes – takes time and focus. Worse still, your backup hardware can be corrupted through human error, fires, floods and theft.

You need hosted backup, where your data is kept safe in the cloud, off-site, protected in high-security data centres. Whether you want to back up multiple servers, PCs or Macs, you know for sure every bit of data, every system and every application can be securely recovered. Anything less leaves you vulnerable.

Hosted Server

A hosted server is simply a server off premises, where you lease an entire server not shared with anyone else or pay for a share of a hosted server along with other businesses. Hosted server environments are perfect when you need the full range of security, safety, infrastructure and resources but you don’t want to maintain it all yourself. When you choose a dedicated hosted server, your data is ring fenced and impregnable. And you can choose to either manage your own environment or find an expert to manage your private cloud for you.

Hard Drive Backup
Image by Brett Jordan

Hosted Email

Hosted email and web filtering services use their on email servers, providing a premium service. The email provider manages everything, which means you don’t have to. And you can access your messages from more or less anywhere using either webmail, a smartphone or an email client. Best of all, hosted email means you don’t have any in-house email servers to maintain and manage.

Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange is where a supplier makes a Microsoft e-mail box and space available on a server, where clients like you host their data. The hosted exchange provider manages the data for you, which means you don’t need to, saving time and hassle. The best services operate your email server so you don’t have to. Their infrastructure and systems mean they provide rich email, mobility, collaboration and messaging services, all under one roof, all secure and safe.

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