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IT Consultancy

Top technical advice from our team of experts.

It can be a juggling act to keep your everyday operations ticking over while trying to keep your technology on track at the same time. Our IT consultants can handle this for you.

With our consultancy service you’ll get top technical advice, from industry insights to implementing the best tools or analysing your IT budget. We’ll make sure you’re getting the most from your IT with advice on you can use the latest technology to streamline processes and increase productivity.

Our consultant acts just like part of your team, with on-going assistance that’s tailored to your specific business needs. We offer clearly explained help and planning around all aspects of your ICT with no hidden costs and no technical compromise.

Don’t be overwhelmed by all the IT choices out there. Crown Managed Solution's consultants help you understand your technology options, so you can make the best decision for your business.

Infrastructure Optimisation

Whether you are considering infrastructure virtualisation or have embraced it as a standard, you need to ensure that your investment in IT is performing effectively. Crown MS have a set of non-intrusive tools that collect comprehensive system data allowing detailed analysis and reporting on configuration, health, utilisation and performance of the infrastructure and provides valuable insights and recommendations.

Backup & Business Continuity

Our solutions safeguard businesses from IT disasters, human error, and malicious activity. With Crown MS defending your business, you are guaranteed business continuity with uninterrupted access to data on-site, in transit, and in the cloud. These include;

  • Ransomware Protection

  • Disaster Recovery as a Service

  • Cloud-to-Cloud SaaS Backup

  • Protecting data and systems

  • Redundant copies of data

Messaging & Collaboration

Employees need to be flexible, mobile, and capable of leveraging the unique skillsets of team members to increase an organisation’s efficiency, and drive innovation. The lack of collaboration and communication is the main cause of business and/or product failure. Its hugely important that companies adopt and promote a collaborative environment, technology can provide your business with the tools to enable communication and collaboration.

Cloud Consultancy

We offer a wide range of consultancy services and solutions to help customers gain maximum benefit from using cloud based, hybrid or on-premises ‘cloud-like’ services. We back this up with dedicated cloud solution experts , certified in these cloud technologies so you don’t have to be.

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